Anti-Semitism: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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The Jewish people are amongst one of the most hated group of people in history. Anti Semitism has existed much longer before the horrors of the Holocaust. The Jews have been hated amongst many religions like Christianity and Islam for reasons that are still debated on til this day. Anti-Semitism did not become so popular until the killing of Jesus. People center the idea of antisemitism with the Holocaust and Hitler's influence to make it happen but hatred towards the Jewish people has existed since the middle ages.
The Christian Church

The Jewish people did not receive blame for the killing of Jesus until centuries later after Church fathers made the claim that the Jewish people are responsible for the death (Shore). The Jewish people received
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The Protocols were forgeries of a secret plan of the Jewish people to take over the world and achieve world domination. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion were taken as fact and fueled hated towards the Jews (Levine). It made people scared of the Jews and rally behind the idea of antisemitism. The writings were published in book form around the world.
Henry Ford, the famous American icon of the automobile industry himself had the document published in the US which later turned into a book that sold around half a million copies within the country alone (Levine). This sparked even more hatred as it gave people around the world towards the Jews. Even non Christians who previously didn't care about the Jews would have prejudices against them because the writings made them paranoid that the Jewish people out to get them. These writings made it extremely easy for Hitler himself to promote Anti-Semitism to the German people as they used it as propaganda. Late as the 1980s were the Protocols still being distributed and believed as genuine by Muslim groups and former Soviet Union (Levine). The documents had such an impact that it was still being read decades after the
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“Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat, blaming them for Germany's economic and social problems,” (“Background: Life Before”). Germany during Hitler’s rise was desperate for change and hope. When Hitler brought the German people up from economic troubles that came from World War 1 they were more than willing to agree and do nearly anything Hitler said. Hitler took his antisemitism to the extreme with the help of his people were able to conduct one of the worst mass killings known to man. Anti Semitism may have existed beforehand but it was never on the scale of what the Holocaust
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