Anti-Semitism in the Modern World Essay

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Currently people know what anti-Semitism is and how it affected our history in events such as the Holocaust and Inquisition, but how many people know if anti-Semitism exists in the modern world? Even if people do know this, can they answer where and why? Why do people often avoid learning about other people’s cultures and beliefs? According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary anti-Semitism is, “Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group.” Anti-Semitism has existed in the world since the time of the ancient Roman Empire, and has been evident in events such as the Inquisition and Holocaust. It has been such a large topic of controversy that even William Shakespeare, a famous English poet,…show more content…
Major questions that need to be answered about anti-Semitism are, why anti-Semitism exists in contemporary society, where anti-Semitism is present and how it affects the Jewish community in that area, and finally people should be aware of some key example of anti-Semitic movements around the world. Why does anti-Semitism exists in contemporary society? There are many ways to approach the question of why anti-Semitism exists today but to really answer this question it is necessary to look back into history at anti-Semitism’s roots. There are six major reasons for why Jews have been ridiculed, humiliated, and persecuted throughout history. One, some people hate the Jews because they think they possess too much wealth and power. During the Middle Ages Christian were not allowed to charge interest on money that they lent, but Jews were allowed to charge interest thus, they became bankers and money lenders. The Christian hated how the Jews were able to benefit from their disadvantages. Although the Jews did have their better times, they also experienced poor times. The Jews of the 17th to 20th centuries who lived in Poland and Russia were extremely poor, and had no influence and yet they were still hated (Kalman). The second reason Jews are hated so much is that they are labeled as, and call themselves, “The Chosen People.” It is human nature to be a little jealous if someone is better than another and everywhere they look
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