Anti Social Personality Disorder?

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Introduction Anti-social personality disorder is a relatively new umbrella term that includes the definitions of both the disorders of psychopath, and sociopath. Anti-social personality disorder was added to the 5th Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders which was published in 2009 yet the terms psychopath and sociopath have histories that date back to the 19th and the 1930’s respectively. It is critical for our society to fully understand and develop an expanding view of people diagnosed with Anti-social personality because these said individuals can be potentially dangerous and harmful. Patients who are diagnosed also have to contend with the fact that there is currently no widespread accepted treatment for this disorder and individuals diagnosed often suffer from it for life. By expanding knowledge on the subject of Anti-social personality disorder our society can not only protect itself from individuals diagnosed with this disorder, our society can also help find a cure by spreading awareness of the subject which can speed up the arrival of an effective widespread treatment.
What is Anti-Social Personality Disorder Anyway? According to the Penguin Dictionary of Psychology an individual diagnosed with Anti-personality disorder exhibits a strong lack of empathy for others emotions, property or health. Individuals usually begin to express symptoms in childhood and early adolescence. Early signs can include stealing, vandalism, violence, lying, and…
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