Anti Theft Application For Lost Or Misplaced Android Phones

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Anti-Theft Application For Lost Or Misplaced Android Phones 1. INTRODUCTION : The latest mobile phones such as android based mobile phones, called smartphones, are changing the way we live our lives and has become a very important part of our life. Smartphones change the ways of communication unlike fixed line phones, it provides an advantage of communicating with anyone virtually through video-conferencing ,emails, etc. and it also provides a facility to store contact numbers, email, in phone memory which reduces the concept of File-System to store personal contacts. Now a days, smartphones are acting like a computer, it can be used to store information, documents etc., and can be shared with anyone through internet. These latest…show more content…
Sometimes user loses his mobile he/she may not be able to locate it through ringing because mobile may not be within the reachable range, at that time a simple command from friends mobile will help user to receive phones GPS location information on friends mobile as a URL. Also the camera of the phone works in the background without knowing the person and records the video as well as captures the pictures and sends this to the actual user. The organization of this document is as follows. In Section 2 gives detail of existing system. In Section 3 presents proposed approach. Section 4 gives research findings and your analysis of those findings. Section 4 conclude the overall work. 2. LITERATURE SURVEY : A. Related Work Done 1. Location Based Service. With the facilities of Android that provides LBS (Location-Based Service) components for retrieving information about where a mobile device is located, a system that retrieves the location of lost mobile and displays its position on the map was developed. In order to track mobile device in indoor areas, cell identifier of GSM network is applied, instead of GPS. In contrast with GPS, cell identifier uses information from base station which uses radio frequency signals to track mobile device. One of the most interesting things about cell phone is that it is really a radio an extremely sophisticated radio, which uses some band of frequency that has the basic working similar to the

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