Anti Vaccination : A Dangerous Movement

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Anti-Vaccination, it is a dangerous movement that recently began and is killing hundreds of innocent children. Certain vaccinations should be mandatory for the health and safety of our children and communities because parents who do not vaccinate their children not only put themselves at risk, but other innocent children. A family with a young girl returns to the US from Kenya. They are Anti-Vaccine. The girl contracts measles, which spreads to her family members. measles has a fairly long incubation period, so no symptoms were immediately visible. The girl was sent to her day-care after returning with an unwelcome hitchhiker. The vaccine for measles is separated into two parts: the main injection at 15 months, and a second one at age 4-5 years. The daycare contained children who had gotten the initial injection, but not the booster, and they were susceptible to the strain of measles the girl contracted. 3 other kids contracted the disease, which then spread even further. These chains of events continued until 23 adults and children had contracted the deadly disease and 7 had died. One of the infected kids was misdiagnosed with the flu and given antibiotics. This worked out well because he was said to be better before his vacation to Disneyland. This was sadly not the case. If you have been to Disneyland, or any other popular theme park, you know how crowded they can get. With people in such close proximity to each other it is no surprise when another child contracted the
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