Anti Vaccine Persuasive Essay

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Student’s Name: Nurul Syarah Adila Binti Suhaimi
Matric Number: 2016411514
Faculty/ Group: Medicine/ M
Lecturer’s Name:

Title: What Is The Importance of Vaccination
Organisational Pattern: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Visual aid: Power point slides
General Purpose: To Persuade
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to vaccinate their children to prevent further outbreaks of certain diseases.
Central Idea: Vaccination is important to young children, if not introduced, they will face medical repercussions.
I. Health is wealth.
II. You do everything to preserve your health, dont you?
III. Prevention is always better than cure.
IV. Vaccination is the administration of antigenic material (a vaccine)
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After doing extensive research regarding this topic, it made me realize that vaccination is vital to our community.
VIII. Know the problems arise from anti vaccine movement, the solution to these problems and the benefits of vaccination.

(Transition: Lets look more closely at the problems arise from the anti vaccine movement.)

I. Because of the anti vaccine movement, many diseases that were thought to be eradicated have made a comeback.
A. The first disease is whooping cough which accounts for the largest number of cases reported since 1955.
1. According to the California Department of Public Health, in 2010, from 4461 cases, at least 217 of them resulted in hospitalization and 9 ended with fatality.
a) This comeback was due to the misinformation stated by the anti vaxxer such as the vaccine introduced can also cause autism in children.
b) Consequently, the false statement will cause reduction in vaccination rate and eventually result in the epidemic of the diseases.
B. The second comeback is measles in United States.
1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had reported the highest number of outbreaks since measles elimination in 2000 which was 667 cases so far in 2015.
a) Majority of the people who got measles were
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