Anti-Voucher Point of View Essay

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Anti-Voucher Point of View

The idea of school vouchers sounds like a wonderful idea to get children the best possible education, until the issue is analyzed more closely. In reality, this system is hurting more children than the ones that they are helping. The people and institutions that do not support the use of vouchers believe that by taking away funds from the already failing public school system, it is causing a decrease in the level of education for children in public schools. With new initiatives like the “No Child Left Behind” campaign causing and the greater demands on teachers and children there is not room for a cut in funding (Traub 13). There are also increasing amounts of standardized tests, with guidelines that teachers
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No child attending public school should have to be put at a disadvantage for the sake of a few privileged children to be able to attend private institutions.

The argument has also been raised by anti-voucher supporters about the legitimacy of the private institutions that the government is subsidizing education for (ADL 2001). The United States government is supposed to be a non-secular institution. This policy should be implemented in all areas the government controls, including the education sector. By keeping religion out of the education system, the government has encouraged the freedom of religion, one of the founding principals of the country; one of the reasons the first settlers came to the United States. This idea helps keep discrimination out of the school system, and improves upon the diversity of the student body of public schools in the United States. By using the funds set-aside for the school vouchers in private institutions that teach religion, some argue that the government is literally funding the religious education of many children in the United States (Hendrie 32).

Pro-Voucher View

Those who support the vouchers are people who have children enrolled in religious institutions because they are the ones who are truly benefiting from the increase in governmental infusion of money into the funding of school vouchers; or people whose children are at an economic disadvantage (ADL 2001). Some private schools receive funds from

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