Essay about Anti-bribery laws in the U.S: Ethics and Airbus

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International business is risky especially when companies involved play by a different set of rules. Knowing the differences in culture, politics and the primary legal environments of a host country, allows the companies to conduct business and make quality decisions based on the business climate, creating a marketing mix specific to each country and region (CSU, module 3, 2014). Detailed research helps companies create a solid marketing mix, but does not guarantee that the obstacles of payoff’s and bribery won’t hinder the outcome. Below the surface level of many sales negotiations, like those seen in our case study of Boeing and Airbus, are driven not on their marketing mix, quality, reputation or reach, but rather on power, bribery,…show more content…
What is legal in one country might not be in another. Greasing the wheels in Latin American countries is common practice to move government paperwork through faster or gifting officials helps expedite a business through red tape (Cateora, Gilly & Graham, 2013). Gifting or bribery is never legal in the United States and this puts the U.S. at a disadvantage against our competitors who’s illegal behavior in the U.S. is legal elsewhere. Airbus develops sales tactics to coheres buyers or political figures with large cash bribes, offering buyers business opportunities that are more appealing than Boeing’s. Multi-million dollar payoffs or bribes can change the course of a buyer’s original business intentions which could lead to the loss of sales and profit for companies like Boeing who follow the legal rules. Accounting for country rules, politics and customs that allow corrupt business practices, the U.S. finds itself at a disadvantage competing for the same business with companies like Airbus who can adapt, navigate and develop sales tactics which involve personal payoffs. Airbus Response Over the years, Airbus’ unethical business tactics have come to light. As a result, many people question

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