Antibacterial Properties of Essential Oils Essay

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Present study proves that, citrus fruit juices are great antimicrobial agents against certain microorganism and they can be used as medicine for treatment of bacterial infections. The tests of antimicrobial activity and the MIC assays showed promising results that fresh citrus fruit juices are good in killing bacteria. (Bansode.DS et al., IRJP 2012)
Lemon is one of the Family Rutaceae. It is prepared primarily for its alkaloids, which having anticancer activities and the antibacterial properties. (Kawaii et al., 2000)
Antimicrobial potential of the citrus peel extract is directly concerned with the components that they have. The studies showed that essential oils, protopine and corydaline alkaloids, lactons, polyacetylene, acyclic
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The effect of herbs and spices has been successfully done in food application. As several experiment had being conducted. This was due to the present of essential oils, which act as antibacterial substances, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. In-food and in vitro the only experiment that had being successfully applied. (M.M Tajkarimi, 2010)
The condition when high vapor have a great effect on the effectiveness of essential oil as for this research 14 different types of essential oils that have being tested on few different bacteria example Staphylococcus. The effect when in high vapor is better the when leave the essential oils overnight. From the research the result was around 1 or 2 hours for the essential oils to diffuse into the agar. (Shigeharu Inouye, 2001)
From the Sodium bicarbonate the effect of inhibition towards bacteria had identified as the sodium bicarbonate had alter the pH value of the surrounding and this had make the bacteria not it good condition which
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