Antibiotic Essay

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Name: Ridhwan Muzaki Class: DBS3B21 Admin no: P0715427 Module: Introductory pharmacology Assignment: Reflection- Anti-infective journal To begin with, I truly believe that the researchers, who have devoted their lives into studying the dynamics of drug interactions for the purpose of enhancing microbial eradication, are heroes in their own right. They have abide to do something with all their heart and soul for the better of mankind. We are living in an age where commitment is often, obscured by day to day life. Individuals make goals, often in the pursuit of glory, but Muhammad Ali once told us that goals, not written down, are only dreams. One can dream all we like but without commitment, nothing can be achieved. Based on the…show more content…
Most of the time, antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria occur not due to mutation, where the protein that the antibiotic target is altered. Instead, it usually involves the bacteria producing enzymes which targets the antibiotic, rendering it inactive. I believe that the widespread use of antibiotics should stop because if a bacterium becomes resistant to all available antibiotics, possibly, there could be a worldwide epidemic of diseases. In conclusion, I believe that finding ways to optimise the efficiency of current antibiotics are necessary, but one should look at the current statistics. Mutations and bacterial resistance to drugs are becoming less of a rarity. It won’t be too long before a ‘superbug’ emerges and threaten to wipe out the entire human race permanently. There are potential agents everywhere around us. For example, nearly a century ago, biologists discovered viruses that prey upon bacteria. When penicillin and other antibiotics emerged a few decades later, however, physicians largely abandoned their efforts to use these bacteriophages, or phages, to thwart infectious diseases. Shouldn’t we tap into these rather promising ‘natural bacterial killers’ instead of relying on anti-biotics? Something must be done because we are living on borrowed
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