Antibiotic Resistance And Its Effects On The World

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Edward Kaneshiro
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Antibiotic Resistance

Bacteria have been plaguing mankind throughout all of recorded history, from the medieval bubonic plague to the leprosy epidemic, but our greatest bacterial nightmare is knocking on the door of the 21st century. Antibiotic resistance. Our improper and ubiquitous use of antibiotics has caused bacteria to develop resistance against our synthetic poison, enabling bacteria to survive, thrive, and reek havoc amongst humans and animals alike. The improper use of antibiotics foreshadows a future of super bacteria that will be incurable by any medicine that has been developed, or will ever be develop. It will be a future full of fear and death. The improper usage of antibiotics must be identified and addressed before it is too late. To understand the dangers of antibiotic resistance, one must first understand how bacteria gain resistance to antibiotics in the first place. Bacteria, like all other organisms on the planet Earth, are governed by natural selection. Natural selection is the process in which suitable traits, or the traits that give an organism the best chance for survival and reproduction, are selected for by the environment in which said organism resides. For example, if it a population of mice lived in a desert with light colored sand, the mice with dark fur would be easily spotted by predators and eaten, while the mice with lighter fur would be able to better evade predators due to…
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