Antibiotic Resistance As A Worldwide Health Risk Essay

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Antibiotic resistance (ABR) is a worldwide health risk that has people brought by attention. According to, Barlam, and Gupta authors in the article, “Antibiotic Resistance Spreads Internationally Across Borders”, state that “ABR develops when bacteria are exposed to antibiotics either during treatments in humans or animals or through environmental sources contaminated with antibiotic residues” (12). Therefore, ABR is causing humans with bacterial infections, unable to treat infections because of the resistance to the antibiotics. Discussed in the article, ABR is “Spread beyond those administered antibiotics occurs through direct contact with the infected or colonized person or animal, through contact or ingestion of retail meat ...” (Barlam and Gupta 12). A variety of food-producing animals is affecting humans’ health due to farmers, and vets providing treatments to animals. These farmers are allowing these vets to prescribe antibiotics to animals to help their growth in their business. The types of antibiotics provided to the food-producing animals grow for faster production, or to treat animals that are sick or have health issues. Nevertheless, farmers play a big factor in the growth of ABR. The human population is exhibiting an increase in infections and illnesses because the drugs doctors are prescribing, their body is resistant to the drugs. Adding antibiotics to promote growth in food-producing animals, over-prescribing them for health reasons, and allowing
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