Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Essay

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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria “Antibiotics" is the name given to the group of chemicals, particularly in medicine, that stop or inhibit the growth of, microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and parasites, or that kill the microorganism. They are, however, completely ineffective against viruses. There are two kinds of antibiotics, namely; bactericides, which interfere with the cell wall or contents of the bacteria, thereby killing it, and bacteriostatics, which prevent the bacteria from reproducing. They are used to treat bacterial infections in humans and animals. Bacteria are microorganisms consisting of single cells, and reproduce by mitosis. They usually live in colonies. Some bacteria and other microorganisms produce antibiotics…show more content…
The way this happens is a classic example of evolution. A person has a bacterial infection. The person takes antibiotics. Some of the bacteria have mutated a gene making them resistant to the antibiotics. The antibiotics kill all the bacteria except the ones with the resistant genes. These bacteria live on to reproduce, creating a strain of bacteria resistant to that particular antibiotic. There are several ways by which this problem is increased. Many people stop using their antibiotics before they have completed the course prescribed by the doctor. They stop taking the antibiotics once the symptoms of the disease have been alleviated. However, there are still pathogens left, enough to cause symptoms again later on. However, the bacteria left at this stage are now used to the antibiotic that was used, and are resistant to it. Often, doctors are too heavy-handed with antibiotics. They prescribe antibiotics to people who don't need them, to treat ailments that antibiotics have little or no effect on. This accelerates the rate at which bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, as they are exposed to quantities of antibiotics that will not necessarily kill them, but were intended to treat something else. Similarly, many patients expect doctors to prescribe antibiotics for viral infections, which of course is useless. This results in more unnecessary consumption of antibiotics, leading to the situation
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