Antibiotic Resistant Catastrophe

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Since the 1940’s antibiotics have greatly decreased death and illness due to infectious diseases. These drugs have had a significant impact on patient’s health when used correctly and appropriately. (CDC, 2013) However sometimes they are overused. When these antibiotics are overused, or used for diseases in which they are not necessary the infectious organism could become antibiotic resistant. Antibiotic resistance is defined as, the effect of microbes transforming in ways that decrease or eliminate the efficiency of drugs, chemicals, and other agents that are used to cure or prevent infections. Because antibiotics have been used for so long to treat a wide variety of infectious organism, they have built up a…show more content…
If the bacteria had become resistant to the penicillin then this treatment would no longer work, and that is what makes antimicrobial sensitivity testing so important. Healthcare providers are the first line of defense when it comes to preventing antibiotic resistance. Physicians should only prescribe antibiotics when it is very likely it will benefit the patient, and only use agents that target the likely pathogens. Also the use of antibiotics for the appropriate dose and amount of time is very important. (T wyman, 2011) Patents can help reduce antibiotic resistance by not taking antibiotics for a viral infection such as, the flu or a cold, as antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses. Patients should take antibiotics exactly as the doctor ordered them to be taken, and dispose of the unused portion, if any. Most importantly you should never take antibiotics prescribed for anyone other than yourself. There are some infections that are caused by viruses and should never be treated with an antibiotic. Colds and flus are in this category as well as, some ear infections, most coughs and bronchitis, and sore throats (strep throat is an exception to this rule). (CDC, 2013)Medical professionals should be aware of all infections that cannot be treated by using antibiotics to prevent antibiotic resistance and for the well-being of the patient. The reason why bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics is, every
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