Antibiotics Are Used By Millions Of People Every Day, Myself

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Antibiotics are used by millions of people every day, myself included. Their uses include a wide variety of circumstances like treating common colds or battling infections during surgeries. The versatility of the antibiotic also happens to be its greatest downfall. The overuse and misuse of these medications, as well as a lack of new drug development by the pharmaceutical industry contributes to the rapid growth of antibiotic resistance. The emergence of resistant bacteria occurring worldwide, endangers the efficacy of antibiotics. While the effects of these resistant bacteria may seem small, in 25 to 50 years the outcome could result in a “post-antibiotic era.” Moreover, many farmers and agriculturists advocate for the use of antibiotics…show more content…
The substantive warrant for this argument comes from the belief that the large percentage of antibiotics given to livestock correlates to the global food demand. Supporting the agricultural contribution to bacterial resistance, Antoine Andremont points to the irony in giving animals medicine that make humans sick. He presents the factual claim that majority of poultry available in stores contains small amounts of E. coli. Furthermore, Andremont supports his claim with the comparison of animal and human intestines. He addresses the identical resistant bacteria found in both humans and animals that cause illness. The substantive warrant for his argument stems from the belief that his comparison would be accepted. In addition, Andremont conveys the policy claim that antibiotics in animals needs to be strictly regulated to have a chance in the war against resistance. He supports this with an appeal to value as he explains the rationale for using antibiotics in animal husbandry is profit driven rather than health oriented. The motivational warrant of this argument comes from the empathy of the audience towards these animals. Ultimately, antibiotic use in agriculture provides an immediate and long term threat to human and animals. Scientists are developing new antibiotics to combat

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