Anticancer Drugs : The Treatment Of Malignant Or Malignant Disease

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Anticancer drugs are that are effective in the treatment of malignant or cancerous disease. These are known as antineoplastic drugs also.

The drugs are involved in cancer treatment are several types. Such as--

• Alkylating agents – busulfan, mechlorethamine etc.
• Antimetabolites – methotrexate, 6 mercaptopurine,5 fluorouracil etc.
• Natural products –vinca alkaloids, taxanes
• Hormones –tamoxifen, progestins
These groups have also sub types.

Without these common drugs nowadays a variety of new techniques and challenges have been placed in the cases of cancer treatment. Some of these are-

• Targeted and controlled anticancer drug delivery

• Novel-metal based anticancer drugs

• Drug delivery system: entering the drug in
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Chemical structures of synthesized Zinc and Copper-containing complexes as proteasome inhibitors from the dithiocarbamate family, (PyDTC) and (EtDTC).


It is similar as metal based drug delivery moreover we can say it is a perfect example of metal based drug delivery. platinum containing nanoscale coordination polymer or NCP particles with the formula of Tb2(DSCP)3(H20)12- where DSCP represents- disuccinatocisplatin. it is a drug coordination.with another compound.

mechanism of action

platinum based anticancer agents causes crosslinking of DNA as monoadduct , itrastrand crosslinks,interstrand crosslinks or DNA protien crosslinks. mostly act on the adjucent N-7 position guanine forming a 1,2 intrastrand cross links. the resultant crosslinks inhibit DNA repair or synthesis or cell wall synthesis. platinum based drugs are sometimes described as alkylating like because they give similar action like alkylating agents.

cisplatin oxaliplatin


Discovery of several protein/peptide receptors and tumor-related peptides and proteins is expected to create a “new wave” of more effective and selective anticancer drugs in the future, capturing the large share of the cancer therapeutic market . The “biologics” treatment option against cancer includes the use of proteins,
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