Anticipatory Learns: How Information Can Help Students Learn

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Throughout the book, How the Brain Learns, a great deal of information is given to partakers that can help maximize instruction. One major factor studied in the book is the transfer of information and it is affected. Sousa (2011) points out that helping students connect new information to old information increases the chances of that new information being stored to long term memory. In this lesson one of the first activities is the anticipatory set. The purpose of the anticipatory set to excite students and make them interested in what they are getting ready to learn. The students taking part in this lesson were likely very young during this time and know very little of the triumph expressed in the newspaper article. This anticipatory set will make them want to understand the excitement behind this article, the reelected president, and how the events unfolded. Students will need to think back on what they know or have heard in regards to this election. They will share that information in discussion as we begin to connect that…show more content…
The only way this can be improved is to immerse students in this type of text and monitor comprehension through these skills. When students are debating, the teacher is voting, and they are voting, students will be taking part in the modeling, guided practice, independent practice and check for understanding aspects of the lesson. The teacher will be modeling and guiding by shows students the voting ballot and walking them through a sample ballot and then by placing their vote. When students are voting they will be completing the independent practice and the teacher will be able to assess whether they understand if they go through the voting process
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