Antidepressants Vs Medication Paper

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While medication may be taken worldwide and is much more commonly used for depression, it isn’t always the best solution. Causing potential problems such as nausea, headaches, insomnia and even increased suicide rate. In comparison, therapy allows connection, interaction, someone to trust, and overall monitoring of the patient's progress. Which option is more beneficial to the patients? Medication or therapy? The research done will help determine that option. This option will be very beneficial to a growing community around the world. This research project aims to explore the risk of overdosing when treating depression with antidepressants. Taking medication while being diagnosed with depression although may be helpful, it can be dangerous and life threatening.…show more content…
The questions that are hoped to be answer by the end of this research are the following: what are the chances of overdosing while taking antidepressants? Is therapy more efficient than medication when treating patients that have been diagnosed with depression?What causes chemical imbalances? When can therapy or medication become the best option for treatment for depression? Where is the best place to get therapy or a prescription for depression? Who can help patients get better? How can therapy be more useful and more helpful than medication? Why are there not any more options for mental illnesses? Would doctors admit to their preferences of treatment when dealing with patients that have been diagnosed with depression? Could medication lead to suicide for depression diagnosed patients? Should medication be treated as the first option for treatment against
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