Antigone : A Story Of Choices

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Sophocles’ play Antigone is a story of choices. The story of the play itself takes place in a very short period of time, making the actions or lack thereof increasingly more important. The tragedy from Oedipus and his fateful tale is leaves Thebes with two dead princes and a new king, Creon. Creon’s decision to issue the controversial decree of non burial for Antigone’s brother Polyneices is the spark that sets the entire plot in motion. When news of Creon’s decree reaches Antigone, she does not hesitate in her decision. With little to no concern of the consequences for disregarding the decree, she made the decision that her brother deserved a proper, traditional, funeral. With a dedication to the law that mirrors Antigone’s dedication to family, Ismene steadfastly refuses to help her sister when asked. Ismene’s refusal to act in this matter is influenced by many factors. She is not so much afraid of wrongdoing or injustice as she is of risk to her person. She brings up her concerns when she says “think how much more terrible than these our own death would be if we should go against Creon and do what he has forbidden”(44). Ismene is too scared of the consequences of breaking the law; public stoning and perhaps even the denial of a proper funeral similar to Polyneices. She also has witnessed the downfall and eventual destruction of much of her family, leaving her with the belief that the only way to go on living is to avoid attention and obey those in charge. Antigone’s
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