Antigone, By Susan Glaspell And The Doll House

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In todays world it is not hard to find a woman in any role in society, however this was not always the case. In time periods previous to this, the role of women was quite different than it is in today’s world. What is now equality and power was once seclusion and degradation towards women of society. Over the course of time the role of women has changed dramatically, and the plays Antigone by Sophocles, Trifles by Susan Glaspell and The Doll House by Henrik Ibsen are great works that show how women can challenge the boundaries that were put on them by a society that was not very accepting of feminism. In “Antigone”, it does not take long for our main character (Antigone) to step outside of the boundaries set against women in society. Antigone’s brothers died in battle as leaders of separate sides, and only one was to be honored after death while the other would remain on the battlefield. A strict ruling was put down by the leader Creon that Antigone’s brother Polyneices be left to rot, which Antigone quickly decides to defy. After asking her sister Ismene for help with the deed of a proper burial (which was declined), Antigone spoke of Creon by saying “Nay, he hath no right to keep me from mine own” (Sophocles, Norton 11th Edition). Antigone breaks the obvious rule of society by going against Creon’s command to not give proper burial to her brother. This was not like many of the women of this time period because women were not seen as equal in the decision making process,

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