Antigone Chapter Summaries

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Lord William I is the Lord of the lands in Abalone. He was married to Lady Madison. The lands were peaceful then. Ordina and Lady Madison were childhood friends and very close. So, Madison requested that Ordina be by her side at the time of her giving birth. Ordina considered it a great honor to become her confidant, as well as her midwife. Madison gave birth to a handsome boy whom she named Christopher William after his father. Charles was in his glory at the birth of the new heir. He started teaching him very young, all there was about the art of combat. As well as, how to be a proper lord and the politics that goes with it. Some years later, in a time of great despair, war broke out between all the
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The royal doctor could not figure out what the ailment was or how to cure them. They tried many different remedies with no effect. Desperate for his wife to get well, he again requested the help of Madison’s childhood friend, to see there was anything her remedies could do. She spent many days and nights trying to heal her very sick friend, whilst being mocked and snickering “witch or sorceress” as she pass through the halls of the manor house. Unfortunately, after many days of fighting Madison passed away due to the illness. A few weeks later, an old and ragged looking mule entered the gates of the manor house. On its back, we’re the bodies of Sir Rose and Christopher. At this point, Charles he had lost his wife, his heir to the throne, and best friend. This is where his mentally stressful life started to affect him. Charles was on most occasions, not able to make rational decisions. Ordina was once again called upon to make an antidote that would prolong Charles’s pain and ill temper. This time she succeeded. Eventually, Charles remarried another local lord's daughter (Leila) and within the year she became pregnant with William George Elton III. With the doctors gone tending to other wounded soldiers, Ordina was requested to be her midwife. But during delivery, again something went wrong and Leila died giving birth. After an examination by another local doctor it was concluded it was due
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