Antigone Character Analysis

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In the play of Antigone, Sophicles creates a plot that I believe playfully would make viewers sympathetic of the protagonist Antigone. At the beginning of the play, viewers obviously were very sympathetic to Antigone. All she wanted to do was bury her dead brother, and Kreon made it illegal to do such a deed. However, as the play went on, I gained more and more insight on Kreon and my opinion changed. Although Antigone sacrificed her life for what she believed was right, I sympathize more with Kreon because his actions that led to the unintended loss of his family were what he thought to be in the best interest of Thebes. Antigone is automatically the person everyone falls in love with during the play because the tragedy intentionally…show more content…
As an authority figure, Kreon has to make tough decisions that are in fairness of the people of Thebes. As a leader, you cannot make laws and not punish one person for breaking them and then punish others. All people must be treated equally under the rules of society. Also, Kreon states that “outsider will be even worse,” if his own family can be this disorderly (660) and that unruliness can “ruin cities and make household desolate” (672). Again, Kreon justifies Antigone’s punishment by analyzing the potential threats that could terrorize Thebes if he does not exert his power now. Antigone also shows the tendency to assert her own authority and not listen to others who are trying to protect her which makes it really easy to not be very sympathetic towards her in comparison to Kreon. In the beginning of the play, Ismene cautions Antigone about the consequences of her burying her brother and decides that she will not do it to protect herself. Antigone refutes her claim stating that Ismene will “be a hateful enemy to me” (24). By rejecting Ismene, she practically rejects someone who simply wants to just have peace for once. Their cursed family has suffered through many tragedies and misfortunes, and Ismene simply does not want to be associated with another one. Antigone also shows this lack of trust with her individualistic persona which results in this lack of trust in anyone but herself. This

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