Antigone Lace: The Infamous Ancient Greek Sandal Form

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(Fremont, CA) IFCHIC announces the launch of a unique new summer line for working women, one which includes the exclusive Ancient Greek sandal color scheme. The company reports this is the first time it will launch its summer collection and is proud the Ancient Greek Sandals are a part of the lineup. The sandals are only one of the many offerings from Contemporary Desginers being offered this year.

"Many consider classic Greek God sandals to be the must have shoe this year. reports laced up sandals will be hot, just as lace up boots were popular the last season. They are feminine shoes designed to add a delicate touch to whatever outfit a woman opts to don," the IFCHIC staff declares.

Antigone Lace Up Sandals feature
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The whimsical wings ensure this sandal is nothing less than magical, while the sleek and versatile design allows it to be worn in a variety of ways. To guarantee the perfect fit, the shoe features an adjustable buckled fit and the genuine leather helps keep feet comfortable, regardless of what life throws at the wearer," the IFCHIC staff continues.

To ensure the perfect outfit from head to toe, IFCHIC also offers clothing, jewelry, eyewear and bags. Doing so allows a woman to create the perfect outfit without ever leaving the comfort of her home or office. In addition, the site offers a style and trend section, so women can read about the newest trends in fashion and update their wardrobe with ease.

"Be sure to check out the new summer line when it launches and pick up a pair of Greek sandals. This is one purchase every woman will appreciate, as the sandals are so versatile they can be worn every day. In fact, women will be coordinating new outfits just to have an excuse to wear them again. This is one trend that may not be going out of style any time soon," the IFCHIC staff declares

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