Antigone and Girl Power

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Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of social, political, and economic equality to men. Feminism plays a major role in hundreds of cultures, as it raises consideration to civil freedoms of women across the globe. Feminists generally seek to bring about change by fighting for what they believe in, and are often considered to have personal strength and integrity. In the play Antigone written by the Greek playwright Sophocles, the main character Antigone is a symbol of feminism revolt. She is nowhere near as radical as other the feminist characters of her time, however, Antigone does puts her life on expense, trying to stand up to the patriarchal society in which she was confined. The reader can see the man…show more content…
But, once she was older, more independent, and her brother died, she must have realized that women deserve rights as well and should be able to do whatever men do. Antigone was not only a feminist in this play though, she was obviously a strong believer in “family comes first”. She, despite knowing what was coming, went to bury her brother and risked her life for him. Antigone did not see what was wrong with burying Polyneices as it was the right thing to do. But, by doing this Antigone was disobeying her king Creon in various ways, causing her to be shown as a feminist. Knowing that the penalty for disobedience is to be stoned to death, Antigone states that what Creon says is quite irrelevant. She sticks to her beliefs throughout the entire play and refuses to be labelled as a woman as it makes her feel lesser of a person. Furthermore, once Antigone is caught in the act for the burial, she refuses to give in and says that she will suffer nothing worse than death in a good cause. Antigone does not mind the consequences as she sticks to what she thinks (knows) is right, and refuses to give in just because she is a woman.
The fact that Antigone commits her own death at the end, shows her unwillingness to accept male conquer. She was one of the strongest female characters of her time period and had no time for ruthlessness towards men. Antigone was her own type of woman, and felt the need to have things her
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