Antigone by Sophocles Essay

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This Sophocles tragedy seemed to touch many readers. This tragedy has made many people in present and antiquity rethink their purpose in life. This story also intended to raise many questions. One question that I will discus is what means more to you, social acceptance or staying true to your beliefs? This classic tragedy that I am referring to is called Antigone. This fascinating story touches many subject of social and religious matter. I will discuss the tragic turmoil of Antigone, her surrounding family, and the social and religious dilemma that Antigone faces that will ultimately decide her fate. Antigone is the daughter of Oedipus and Jocosta. She also has a sister named Ismene and two brothers named Eteokles and
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Antigone answers by saying; she believed Zeus was not the one who proclaimed these orders. She was not fearful of one man, but she was fearful of the gods and disobeying the law of the gods was much worse than disobeying one man. Kreon has no pity on her and orders her to death. The son of Kreon, Haimon, is also the fiancé of Antigone. Haimon hears the news of his future wife to be put to death. Haimon is not angry with his father; he says marriage is not more important than his father's good leadership. Kreon then reassures his son of the verdict "No: I will kill her (Line 799). Haimon goes on to tell his father what the citizens say about this decision. Haimon tells his father that the people of Thebes believe that Antigone's fate should not be death but glory. They feel that burying her slain brother is a very noble deed. Haimon pleads with his father to listen to the people for once, "But it's no shame for even a wise man to learn and to relent" (Line 861). He continues to tell Kreon that he is not saying these things for his fiancé's sake, but for his sake because he is dishonoring the gods. Kreon is now also upset with his son and calls on Antigone to come forth and be throne in the dungeon where she will stay until death. After he sends Antigone to death, Teiresias arrives. Teiresias, the prophet, sees that Kreon's city is in turmoil and it is because of his principles. Kreon forces Teiresias to tell him his
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