Antimicrobial Resistance In Health Care

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I certainly remember sitting in high school biology class and reaching the point in the year when microbial and bacterial genetics and replication is covered. That topic was always capped with the unfortunate fact that a unnerving amount of diseases, whether they be bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and on the rare occasion, viral, are becoming resistant to the commonplace pharmaceuticals used to remedy them. Disease such as tuberculosis, MRSA, gonorrhea, and CDIFF, that have proven to be fatal, have a new trick up their molecular sleeve to further bring harm to patients everywhere. They have grown resistant to their typical medicines – usually antibiotics – making the disease harder to get treat, get rid of, and prevent from spreading.
Drug resistance now, as in the words of the World Health Organizations secretariat for antimicrobial resistance Marc Sprenger, is “moving [us] backwards – to the world in which my parents lived, when bacterial infections were often lethal because there were no specific treatments available.” Since penicillin’s first discovery in the late 1920s, as well as vaccinations, researchers and health care professionals have eradicated our world of small pox, and are over fifty …show more content…

This incorrect behavior allows any bacteria within the misused pharmaceutical system to develop an immunity to a drug through small doses. It is the exact same principle as vaccination immunity; a retroactive disease or virus is sent in to a patient’s bloodstream so the immune system can easily fight back and develop a response to the disease if it was encountered

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