Antiseptic Barrier Caps

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To overcome the limitations encountered in the developing nations, this project aims to counteract the potential for infections. The new procedure would avoid the limits so that the developing countries could effectively implement its objectives. Firstly, time and money would be spent to further educate the doctors and nurses so that the knowledge gap about effective sanitation could be closed. Additionally, to supplement this new knowledge, an exclusive catheter team could be created, so that the respective staff would be experts in insertion and maintenance of these central lines within the ICU or other areas. The carts themselves were designed with the previously stated limitations in mind, and would contain chlorhexidine and various tools to help insert the central lines as cleanly as possible.…show more content…
Based on a study in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, the use of antiseptic barrier caps had be found to reduce the occurrences of central line associated infections with a P <0.001. The use of an antiseptic barrier cap would reduce the steps in a procedure to prevent infection, as the catheter hub would not have to be meticulously cleaned, instead the cap could kill bacteria without needing any extra work. As the use of these caps has been proven effective in preventing infection, they could be extremely helpful in including in our new infection prevention procedure for developing countries, as it would reduce a step in the process, and provide further
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