Antisocial Behavior Paper

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Hewitt, 2009). Especially, when the report showed that the older adolescents and adolescent from a larger family were more at risk to be a delinquent (Kierkus & Hewitt, 2009). Children living in cohabitating families are subject to delinquency as well. Apel and Kaukinen (2008) performed a study on the correlation of family dynamic and antisocial behavior that emphasized on parental cohabitation and blended households by means of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997. Findings were not a surprise; it considered the diversity in the risk associated with antisocial and delinquent behavior among the youth who existed in the division as traditional and nontraditional families (Apel & Kaukinen, 2008). With that being said, Apel and…show more content…
Just to sum it up, if the two biological parents are married, then the child is considered least likely to be involved with criminal activity. Additionally, if the biological parents that are just living together the adolescent will more likely to be involved in antisocial behavior such as verbal abuse, intimidation and hitting; or change, involving destructive actions against property, such as robbery, vandalism, and fire-setting (Antisocial Behavior, 2006). Also, findings reveal that adolescents who resides with one of the biological parents who lives with a significant other besides the other biological parent could possibly have a higher rate of antisocial behavior. While other research stated children living in a single-parent or a cohabiting family are prevalent to delinquency than those who live in traditional families. Cohabitation (shacking up) is linked to delinquency, but not the welfare of the child. In other words, single parent families and cohabitation can affect children and influence juvenile delinquency in our society. Further research must be conducted due to there is a just a slight difference between single parent and two parent families depending on the other contributing factors. As it stands both families dynamics can play into
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