Antisocial Behaviour/Yob Culture

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Chapter #4 assignments Antisocial Behaviour/yob culture A - Essay In the handout there is a article where it is been making clear, that teens who leaves school before 18 could face criminal action, and I agree, but there is also standing that young people from poor families is considered to help stay in full time education without dropping out, and this is here I see the problem. Cause in the United States, you have to pay to start on an education, and what about those families how cant afford it? Should the parents just watch their kids walk out in the criminal zone, or what should they do? In our country you study for free, the most of the time, so here there is space for every kind of person, rich than poor. And that also…show more content…
They are against the law and the community, and in America these yob groups have a chance to turn out very bad, because of the mafia. In Denmark we do not have mafias, at least not in the same extent, and that might be because that our country is not that big. The yobs are becoming more dangerous as time is passing, and we are talking about teenagers killing other peoples. And I think the reason to this crazy world, could be the movies we often see. Because one thing is the movie world, the other is the real world we are living in, and I think that this could be very difficult for fainthearted peoples to separate, and that might be the reason why this “movie world” with a lot of action become reality. I don’t think that there is any pros whit these yobs, because I don’t see them contribute whit anything to the community. I see them as brawlers and peoples who do not cares of anything. But there could also be other reasons that young people drop out of school and become a member of yob groups. The families and parents there is to these young peoples is often a big reason to the each youth problem, because they are the ones who raise their children. Unfortunately there are many young people in the US and here in Denmark as well, there doesn’t have either a mother or a father or in some cases don’t even have any parents, and that could create some frustrations in a young’s head, and this may get them
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