Antitrust Law Violation Of Antitrust Laws

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Antitrust Law Violations
This paper will discuss the Google case that was presented by Microsoft stating that Google was in violation of antitrust laws. Also, in this paper some of the pecuniary and non-pecuniary costs will be discussed. Given in this paper will also be my thoughts on monopolies and oligopolies.
Antitrust Case
Google was investigated for antitrust behavior because they were claimed to be an “internet bully that abuses its dominance of online search and advertising” (STEINHAUSER & LIEDTKE, 2011, p. 1). Google was doing things like buying smaller companies in search results but then labeling/highlighting their own services instead. Being that Google was knocking out the competition by only showing their results and not listing the findings of the other companies that were able to provide information as well; they are becoming the most dominant internet search engine. But, to what degree are you responsible for making sure that you provide recognition to your competitor? As Eric Savitz, a Forbes staff stated, “Even a monopolist has no general antitrust duty to help its rivals” (Savitz & Cooper, 2012).
In my opinion, Google can be seen as a natural monopoly. Why? Although they are not the only company that can provide internet search, because of the way that they have established their network they are mainly the company that comes to mind. Buying out other smaller search engines and then relabeling the results that they provide as their own has…
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