Anton Bruckner, A Great Composer Of The Romantic Period

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For many music is a way to communicate and express someone’s emotions. This is one of the many beauties people find in this art form. This researcher paper is about the life and work of Anton Bruckner, a great composer of the romantic period. The research paper will be focus from Bruckner’s early life to his last moments.
Anton Bruckner was born on September 4 1824 in the village of Ansfelden, Austria to a family known for being craftsman and farmers. Bruckner was the first of 11 children. Bruckner’s father was the village schoolmaster in charge of teaching music and also was an organist. Bruckner’s first music professor was his father, but unfortunately his father died when Bruckner was just thirteen years old. He later worked as a teacher assistant and at night worked in village’s dances to supplement his income. An interesting fact about Bruckner according to Floros Constantin author of the book “Anton Bruckner: The Man and the Work” is during the time he was a teacher assistant, he was known as a prankster. This is an interesting fact because, in his later years he was a serious and focus man. Bruckner when to school to become an organist and attended the Augustinian Monastery in St Florian where he study and work for many years until his 40’s. Bruckner study the works of Haydn, Wagner and many other composers. This composer are the biggest influencer of his work. (Constantin 3-6)
Anton Bruckner cultivated his knowledge for many years. His majestic abilities,…
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