Anton Chekhov Lady with the Dog

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Anton Chekhov in “the Lady with the Dog,” brilliantly displays the quest of one man to find happiness. Anton Chekhov’s short story, The Lady with the Little Dog, is the simple story of a philandering married man who finally falls in love with an unhappily married woman with whom he has an affair. Though it is a remarkably simple plot, the story is compelling to read because Chekhov’s use of two effective plot devices with diction and symbolism. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was born in the small seaport of Taganrog, Ukraine on January 17th in the year 1860. Today he is remembered as a playwright and one of the masters of the modern short story. He was the son of a grocer and the grandson of a serf who had bought his freedom, that and that his…show more content…
The silences in this first conversation, though they seem only to emphasize the kind of awkwardness with which people who have just met strain to connect with one another, actually set the stage for a repeated pattern of tense silences that foreshadow a deepening of the complexity in the relationship. The next silence comes after a week of continued daily meetings and foretells the relationship’s passage from casual to physically intimate. Before the silence is noted, Dmitri and Anna are at a jetty admiring the sea and watching the boats come and go, and Dmitri is watching Anna closely; as she chatters aimlessly, he notices her movements and the shining in her eyes, all of which are the backdrop for the rising tension that peaks during a moment of silence: ‘“The weather’s improved towards evening,” he said. “Where shall we go now? Shall we take a drive somewhere?” She made no answer.’ Anna’s failure to respond (her silence) marks the height of the tension and is immediately followed by a sudden embrace, a passionate and romantic kiss, laden with the nervousness that comes with public indiscretion, and finally, the suggestion from Dmitri that the two go to a private place to consummate the relationship: “Let’s go to your place…” he said softly. And they both walked quickly’. Once again, after a silence, the relationship escalates. Chekhov uses the device repeatedly as the two fracture over Anna’s guilt and go their separate ways; the extended
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