Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard

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Anton Chekhov 's The Cherry Orchard – Analysis of Comedic Characters Anton Chekhov 's The Cherry Orchard is one of his most famous plays, despite the fact that the comedic aspect is often questioned. The Cherry Orchard records the tale of a wealthy Russian family who are faced with the loss of their estate due to bankruptcy, while also facing the reality of losing their beloved cherry orchard. Titled as a “comedy,” it seeks to disclose the family and household dynamics during this brief period. The wealthy family is in so much debt that they are being forced to sell their beloved cherry orchard, a symbol of the affluent past that the family was accustomed to. The Cherry Orchard does not appear to be a comedy in our modern day sense of the word, which is the reason that it can be so difficult for the 21st century reader to understand why the play is labeled a comedy and not a tragedy. In Checkhov 's work, the characters are one of the most prominent comedic forces driving the play. French philosopher Henri Bergson 's once summarized comedic character by saying that, “Comedic character is rigid or inflexible in circumstances that demand a resiliency of the mind or body” (Fiero). Through the lens of this definition, we conclude that the primary circumstances that “demand(s) a resiliency of the mind or body” for the characters in The Cherry Orchard are the selling of the cherry orchard and the loss of their class prominence. We will be considering Chekhov 's comedic style…
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