Anton Van Leeuwenhoek Research Paper

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Anton van Leeuwenhoek was one of the most important cytologist to have ever lived because of his original discovery in animalcules. From his life, to his discoveries, and how his discoveries changed our modern day science, he helped us prevail in our cell research today. He is the original Founding Father of Microbiology, and made history by discovering animalcules. If it weren’t for his outstanding microscopes, we would probably would have never had discovered animalcules. To start off, Anton van Leeuwenhoek’s life has had many tolls on our own lives today. Anton was born October 24, 1632 in Delft, Netherland, he did not attend any university, but he did have an sixth grade education The belief system during his time was known as Spontaneous Generation, so they believed that living organisms could produce from nonliving matter. They knew nothing about how animals would reproduce, so they stuck with this theory for quite some time. Scientists at the time had never put much thought into the fact that this theory was absurd, thus they never put research into the matter. As Anton van…show more content…
Leeuwenhoek’s original microscope had one lense that could not zoom in further or back, but it did have a focus knob and a stage to put the item on. Today's microscopes consist of an eyepiece, swinging eyepiece tubes, eye level raisers, zoom adjustment, focus knobs, and a stage to put the specimen on. We research for smaller things around us because we are always curious to find more lifeforms that have yet to be discovered. Our thinking has changed a lot since the Dark Ages because we now understand that cells are in every living or once living animal, which they had not discovered until Anton van Leeuwenhoek had found it out himself. Anton van Leeuwenhoek was one of the most important men to have ever lived, without his guidance, we would have never come to the conclusion that cells even
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