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Antonio Brown: 20 Facts You Probably Didn't Know Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has made his cases arguably the NFL’s best wide receiver. An underrated player for most of his career Brown really elevated his game in 2014 when he became Ben Roethlisberger’s best option. Brown has been a beast in his NFL career, destroying almost every defensive player sent his way. His lightening quick speed and incredible hands make him one popular superstar, though you know a lot about the man, there’s a lot about Brown’s life that you probably don’t know. I’m just an infraction and here are 20 facts you probably didn’t know about Antonio Brown. Number 20 – Hidden Gem Hard to believe this but the NFL’s best wide receiver wasn’t even a hyped-up…show more content…
You’d think the greatest pro athletes love to drink and party whenever they can too but Brown doesn’t actually drink any booze claiming you need to keep your body clean. Number 10 – Family Man Brown has four children. His girlfriend Chelsea Chris has two. Ben Roethlisberger has been working so hard to get Brown to put a ring on Chelsea’s finger, should that happen, Brown will have six lovely kids to look after. Number 9 – Overcoming Adversity Brown’s path to the NFL wasn’t easy. He didn’t make it to Florida State University because of his poor grades. He slept on couches and didn’t have a stable home as he had to move around a lot while searching for proper homes, turns out he did just fine. Number 8 – The Number Story Brown wears number 84, a typical high number for NFL jerseys. But why does Brown wear it? He claims it is 8 x 4 which equals 32, because every team passed on him multiple times at some point in the 2010 draft. That’s motivation baby. Number 7 – The Next Michael Phelps We thought Brown was fast as a receiver but wouldn’t you like to see him swimming? Turns out Brown lives a life in the water and loves to hit over 30 laps in a swimming…show more content…
Number 5 – Scouts Are Overrated One reason Brown had problems finding his post secondary education and spot in the 2010 draft was because of his rough upbringing and living poorly. Some also thought his size would hold him back from being a star. We have one word for all those scouts who passed on him, whelp! Number 4 – Hungry Man If you ever meet Brown and offer to take him up to your house you better make sure to go grocery shopping. He loves to eat six boiled eggs along with bison and oatmeal for breakfast. Number 3 – Charity Worker Brown is an avid worker off the field as he always tried to offer the best for kids. He helps poor children in Miami, tries to feed them for school and he host a celebrity softball game for a children’s hospital , Brown you beauty. Number 2 - Bring It. Most NFL stars will tell you there’s someone they fear, for Tom Brady it’s Von Miller, for Michael Crabtree it’s Richard Sherman, for Josh Norman and Odell Beckham it’s each other, but for Brown he doesn’t have one. He called it a chess game, that explains beating Chris
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