Antonio Vivaldi Contributions

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The Renaissance was a period in European history, from the 14th to the 16th century, regarded as the cultural bridge between the Middle Ages and modern history, but this period of time was eventually overtaken by the Baroque. While the Renaissance brought back the beauty and grace of the Greeks, the Baroque revived the dramatic and affections, or feelings, within music that stirred the soul. Unlike the previous period, the Baroque focused on the performance and work itself than the actual composer. The great giants of this time include Monteverdi, Bach, and Handel. They all contributed to the Baroque in various ways, either through operas or conciertos, and everything in between. However, an equally important composer is Antonio Vivaldi. His works spans an array of musical genres and the volume of music he produced make him a significant player in this period.
On March 4th, 1678, Antonio Vivaldi, “the most original and influential Italian composer of his generation”, was born in Venice, Italy (Whole Notes: Stories Behind the Classics: Antonio Vivaldi). Born a sickly child, he was baptized almost immediately because the midwife thought his life was in danger since he was born the day of an earthquake (Sadie, Stanley, and John Tyrrell, 2001). In reality, Vivaldi had “stretezza de prieto” or asthma, and this condition would affect him for the rest of his life, limiting the types of instruments he could comfortably and masterfully play (Sadie, Stanley, and John Tyrrell, 2001).
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