Antonio Vivaldi : The Most Influential Italian Composer

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The following program was chosen to provide a wide variety of trumpet literature ranging from major masterworks as well as transcriptions that translate well to the trumpet. A historical time line was also considered when selecting the following pieces. One of the objectives of this program was to display a linear progression starting with the Baroque era that show how art music evolve up until the 21th century. It also displays how the physical and musical demand change for the trumpet over a long period of time. Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in A Minor, RV 35644 Born in Venice in 1678, Antonio Vivaldi became a Catholic priest and a virtuoso violinist and was known as the most influential Italian composer of his time. He was a prolific composer who wrote more than 500 concertos, 230 of them for violin and the others for instruments ranging from cello, bassoon, oboe and flute to viola d 'amore, recorder, and lute. He also wrote 46 operas and sacred choral music, as well as 90 sonatas and numerous chamber music works. Due to his use of programmatic material in some of his musical works, such as Four Seasons, he is seen today as a pioneer in the development of programmatic music. Vivaldi 's Violin Concerto in A Minor, RV 356, is a three-movement work that has become a staple in the violin repertoire. The exact date of this composition is not known, but it was first published in 1711 as the sixth in a set of twelve solo string pieces. The collective title for these pieces

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