Antony: A Fictional Narrative

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It was Monday morning, September 10, 2001, I went out side to see my friend, Antony, walking his dog.

"Hey Antony, hi Hulk," I said "My dad said I'm getting a dog soon."

"That’s great Skyler," he said.

"We better get to school," I said, "I will go get my stuff and head down to your house."

When I got my stuff I ran down to Antony's house and his mom gave me some cookies and brownies and we went to school, on out way there we saw "Farmer" Bill and he gave us a wagon ride to school.

When we got out a school I saw a box on the side way and when I looked in it I said, "Should we keep them?" It was a box of kittens and puppies.

"Yeah," Antony said, "we both get a kitten and
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He and I played with the puppies and kittens all night, and Hulk did too, until Antony's mom said for us to go to bed.

"It is time for you two to go to bed!" Antony's mom yelled.

"Ok mom!" Antony yelled.

We always sleep in the living room in our fort that, we have with like one hundred blankets.

"Good morning Anton y and Skyler," Barbe said, "You slept in, but there is no school because of a meeting at the school so you have a day to run around!"

Then we heard a zip and a crash. Boom. We go out to see the South Tower and North Tower have ben hit and Hulk finds my mother dead under one of the Towers.

A taxi had to move me to my dad's house and I had to like with him on his ranch. Antony came as well.

"Hey dad," but just then another crash and we see smoke in the plains behind fathers house and call the cops and fire patrol.

"This plane has ben highjacked by terrorist," The cops told me.

"Hey, there is a terrorist reporting in the city bank," said Carrie.

"I'm on it," said one of the cops.

"Ok, do well out there," commander
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