Antowne Fisher

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Antwone Fisher


Erik Erikson, a developmental psychologist, stated the first stage of human development is one of the most important. Because an infant is entirely dependent upon his or her caregivers, the quality of care plays an important role in the shaping of the child’s personality. In the case of Antowne Fisher, with his unfortunate circumstance of the death of his father and the incarceration of his mother, he lacked the care and love only parents can provide. However, once he entered the foster care system, Mrs. Nellie Strange, a savior of sort and his foster mother, became the tool in his development through the first stage of Erickson’s stages of development. It is evident within the first
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Through the use of inconsistent and inappropriate rewards and punishments, Mizz Pickett introduces in Antwone’s life a lack of hope and nothingness. A vivid event, though quite tame in comparison to the abuse, is one in which the Pickett foster children go trick or treating. Upon returning with joy every child has during trick or treating, Mizz Pickett demands of them all the candy they received placed in the box. “Then, wiping her hands together first, Mizz Pickett slams the lid shut on the metal box and slaps on a Master lock. “Now,” she says…Here it hits me-she ain’t gonna let us have none. “I’ve give ya some uh dis here candy when you deserve some…and not until” (Fisher, p. 54). It goes without saying; there never came a situation where Mizz Pickett felt the children ‘deserved’ any of the candy. For Antwone, occurrences such as this would compromise his sense of initiative over guilt creating fundamental inadequacy; a mark which would have detrimental effects later in his life. Antwone Fisher's first two years of care from Mrs. Strange has manifested itself into a vital landmark in his early years of development. More specifically, Antwone's development of the brain, physically and cognitively provides the concrete evidence to support Erikson's stages of development. According to Erikson's model, the stages prior school-age include infancy and toddlerhood. During the infancy period, a child's central process includes mutuality with
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