Antrhopology: A Social Science

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Every individual is born being part of a specific society, and as part of which he learn the beliefs, customs and values shared by his society. This process called enculturation is the assimilation of an individual’s culture. The concept of culture has been described many times over the human existence; however, it is much more complex and complete of what it seems. To understand the concept of culture is necessary look at it as multidimensional, in which every element is fundamental to it, and because of it has great importance in the understanding of the human race.
The term “culture” was used for the first time in the English vocabulary by Edward Tylor in his book Primitive Culture where he introduced his popular definition of the word, which would become the most-quoted description since then. Yet, the concept of culture was utilized long before it was finally defined for Tylor. Aristotle, in the ancient Rome, used to use the term polis to refer to a concept that in the actuality take the name of “culture” and that in a general manner represented the people belonging to the society. Thus, it can be inferred that men has always had the notion of the differences between societies and how each possessed its own characteristic elements.
Anthropology, as the science that study essentially men, must study culture like a fundamental result of human societies. In fact, culture should be studied not only as a result but also as component, because it cannot exist one without the
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