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Over the years, many social scientists have offered a number of theories to explain personality trait and development. But while this debate continues, one aspect of personality development continues to engender a great deal of controversy: personality pathology. This area of concentration seems to have garnered more attention in recent years, as experts scramble to offer explanations and analysis for what appears to be a general decline in the moral fabric of American society, fueled by what appears to be a general coarsening of civility among certain segments of our population. Are more people simply being born with personality disorders that ultimately lead them down this path? Not so according to the basic principles of the…show more content…
| | | | Section 2: Application of Personality Theory Theory Description and Rationale A central tenet of classical psychoanalytic or psychodynamic theory is that three mental statues—id, ego, and superego play a major role in normal and pathological personality development. Traditionally, the id has been conceptualized as the source of drives and impulses, whereas the superego represents both the idealized self and conscience or moral code, and the ego is responsible of rational, reality-orientated thought. Early experiences help determine the developing child’s ego strength—the degree to which the ego carries our reality testing functions and deals effectively with impulses. Consequently, adequate parenting and minimal trauma or disruption enables the child to devote considerable psychic energy to developing good reality testing skills and acquiring effective self control strategies (Bronstein, 2005). The movie Antwone Fisher represents what can be characterized as the quintessential approach, or deconstruction of the psychodynamic theory. Specifically, the movie outlines the main character’s personality pathology. It goes on examines various aspects of the
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