Antz Essay: Governmental Issues Like Monarchy, Communism And Democracy

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In the movie “Antz”, the producers tied many governmental issues into the story. The colony was led like a Monarchy, Communism, and Democracy. Communism for example was a major part of the story. Communism is a system where everything belongs to "the community", so people own nothing much more than the clothes on their back, and the State owns everything. It leaves no reward for personal incentive, and even the lives of the populace don't belong to them, but to the State. Resisting was often death. Communism is the next step between socialism and death. The government dictated the entire colony and every aspect of the ant’s lives. The person leading this type of government was General Mandible. An example of why it is communism is because…show more content…
She only appears in a few episodes. The film prefers communism and democracy because most of the movie consists of a young ant by the name of “Z” who represents democracy while General Mandible represents communism. There is a clash between the both of them. That is basically the plot of the story. Z (democracy) is trying to overthrow General Mandible (Communism). An example of these two governments clashing together is when the soldiers are going to war. Z tries to leave but the soldiers do not let him since they are following orders from General Mandible. Toward the beginning of the film, the system of government that is used is Unitary. A unitary state is a state governed as one single unit in which the central government is supreme and any administrative divisions(subnational units) exercise only powers that their central government chooses to delegate. They were a unitary system in the film because of how General Mandible was supreme to any other positions such as the queen. The queen (Monarchy) is mostly in the movie just for the show because she rarely gets to make any choices. General Mandible decided to flood the whole colony without the queen knowing, and a lot of the soldiers followed him. Toward the end of the movie the type of government that shows that is flourishing is a federal system. A federal system is both a political and philosophical concept that describes how power is given

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