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1. Discuss the Organizational structure as illustrated in the movie by referring to the Antz Colony structure and the Insectopia structure. 2 The Antz Colony 2 What type of structure does the Antz colony have and what are the positive/negative effects of such a structure? 3 Insectopia 4 What type of structure does Insectopia have and what are the positive/negative effects of such a structure? 4
2. Discuss the job designs of the workers in the Antz movie and indicate the implications of the job designs on the motivation of the workers. 5 Job design elements defined 5 Job design elements in the Antz colony 5 How can job satisfaction among the ants be improved? 6 Job redesign 6 Alternative work arrangements 7
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At the moment of birth an ant larvae is assigned their role within the colony. There are three possible employment opportunities; an aristocrat, a worker or a soldier.
The colony is much departmentalised, which describes “the basis by which jobs in an organisation are grouped together” [2] (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The different job divisions from work specialisation become further departmentalised in to different functions. The worker ants have their managers, the soldier ants have a commander General Mandible and the royal ants are overseen by the Queen, who also oversees the rest of the colony.
In this colony, a clear chain of command can be seen. This is “the unbroken line of authority that extends from the top of the organization to the lowest echelon and clarifies who reports to whom” [3] (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Every order that is to be given, first has to be approved by the Queen. This is seen, when the General wants to declare war, Colonel Cutter asks him, “Don’t we need the Queen’s approval to declare war?” (Darnell & Johnson, 1998). The ant in command of the workers, the Foreman, reports to the General if something concerning the working ants goes wrong. An example of this is the incident, where the ant ball is dropped by Z in the beginning of the movie, and the Foreman is called in to have a talk to the General about the workers.
A wide span of control is portrayed by the Antz colony. This means that
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