Anubis: The Eating The Heart Of The Dead

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There was a god named osiris,walking in the underworld with his wife. His wife name is Isis. in his walk, he visited ammut to see how they are doing. but when they arrived, she was gone. osiris told ammut to stay, but she moved somewhere. both fearing that she must has been killed by someone, they set out to find who killed her, as she was the eater of the dead and her job is to eat the heart of the wicked. That is when they found out the anubis was nowhere to be seen. so they first find anubis, when they find him, they ask where has Annut gone to? Anubis said that the last place he saw her was at the oasis, drinking water there as she was thirsty. with a sigh of relief, they went to the overworld to meet up with annut. when they were there,
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