Anwar Sadat and the October War

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Various people have made significant contribution in defining the world order. Such contributions sometimes take extremist viewpoints that almost draw parallel lines between varying ideological standpoints that have informed world politics for many years. One such person is Anwar Sadat, the former president of Egypt. President Sadat took over after the demise of President Gamel Abdel Nasser in the year 1970, and led Egypt for eleven years. He attempted to reclaim the Sinai Peninsula which had been taken and claimed by Israel. Sadat's plan to take back Sinai from Israel helped Egypt to redefine its power and prestige in the world and to initiate negotiations for a peace treaty with Israel. In the plan to take back the Sinai from Israel and also to reinstitute and reestablish unity amongst the Arab nations, Sadat employed diplomatic persuasion at its best. Several months prior to the 1976 war, president Sadat spent most of his time creating ties with the Organization of African Unity (OAU), and other summit talks. This plan proved successful as numerous African states, as well as the OAU, supported Egypt and isolated Israel while the other summit conferences backed Sadat's plan to attack Israel. With regards to other Arab States, Sadat did not have to employ much effort or persuasion as most leaders of the nations were close to him. At this point, Sadat had managed to reinstate the confidence of the Egyptian people, get rid of the Soviet Union, and yet again isolate Israel.
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