Anwar Two Sides Of The Curriculum 2013

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Anwar, Two sides of the curriculum 2013, Side one: Currency Curriculum, but this is a habit of our nation (sorry) that always close the hole after mired, or work the first risk later. Side two: K 13 is the work of the nation's children who have lofty ideals for their nation. There is a Law, there is a PP, there is a Candy, there is a decree (although come later). We, teachers, are obliged to carry it out, to participate in taking part in carrying out the great mandate of the intellectual life of the nation.
According to Egi: curriculum change this time it will increase the burden of learners. Because the integration of subjects with themes or other subjects this makes the material taught to be biased so it needs further explanation.
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A curriculum that makes all Indonesian children dizzy. I think the 2013 curriculum is very difficult, the previous study time is only 2 hours can now reach 3-4 hours. Assessment is also obtained from all aspects, not from the test scores alone. In the curriculum 2013 students are required to be active in the classroom, students are also required to find their own material. In the current curriculum, such teachers become "unemployed", teachers come to class, give new material without explaining it to their students first. And the task given to students is also not easy, mostly looking on the internet. Learning materials are too heavy, so the study time in school is too long. I think there are advantages and disadvantages of applying the curriculum 2013. The advantages with the globalization of education in Indonesia must follow the times. The disadvantage of this curriculum change is too sudden, a few years ago have changed the current curriculum change again. In addition, the methods and learning materials were changed a
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