Anxiety Among Teens With Anxiety

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Anxiety in Teens Have you ever felt scared of school? How about to the point where you physically can’t make yourself go the next day? This is a large problem that a lot of teens face during their high school lives. This is called anxiety; A natural human response to a hazardous or tense situation (Nadelson). Teens with anxiety often are reluctant to come to school, have low grades because of said truancy, and seem to feel sick often, along with many more symptoms. Students with strong anxiety tend to be less productive and have low grades, despite how “smart” their teachers and parents claim that they are. Teens can beg and plead at home to stay home, even as often as every day. They can tend to be more reclusive, living in fear of their anxiety acting up again (“Ending School Avoidance”). Anxiety is a serious problem for teens, but there are ways of coping and strategies that are open for teens to use to help solve their problem. So what exactly is this anxiety thing? Is it an excuse for students to skip school because they feel scared or overwhelmed by their expectations? Not exactly, no. While students tend to be truant and reluctant to attend school, they cannot exactly help it. Now: What is anxiety? “Anxiety is a natural human response to a tense or hazardous situation” (Nadelson, 9). How is school a tense or hazardous situation, you may ask. Important tests, bullying, homework, even social groups can create standards to live up to, which creates anxiety for
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