Anxiety And Anxiety Of Anxiety

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Anxiety is one of the most common disorders that most humans can either suffer from or have endured before. I am one to always say that having anxiety is so discouraging and tiring, however there are many ways to deal with anxiety and ultimately beat it down to the point where it becomes nothing. Growing up with a rough childhood, I did not have anxiety up until I hit tenth or eleventh grade. I had my very first panic attack when I went with some of my best friends to see a horror movie; I do not know what triggered it at the time, but all I remember was feeling stuck, my heart was racing, my stomach was turning and I needed to get out of that movie theater as fast as I could. I wound going to the bathroom for a good thirty minutes and missed half of the movie. Years later, I pieced together what happened that night in the movie theater when I went to psychotherapy for the first time and it all made sense. I had a panic attack because I felt trapped; the idea of an escape was never a problem up until that night. I felt that I was trapped and since an escape was not easily accessible, I had to temporarily escape to the bathroom in order to get myself together because the panic felt like I was having a heart attack. In present day, I am very cautious about where I go to places because I always need an escape plan and feeling stuck is the only thing that really gets my anxiety going. I have been in therapy for almost four years and I am able to do so much and manage my

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