Anxiety And Anxiety Of Anxiety

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ANXIETY Anxiety is an emotion distinguished by feelings of tension, uneasy thoughts and physical changes caused by anticipation of danger. Anxiety can also be defined as a critical developmental stage related to change, dispute, and perceived control of the environment (Potter and Perry, 2014). Encountering occasional anxiety is a normal lifestyle, as everyone feels anxious from stressful situations that might make him/her nervous or fearful. In fact, mild anxiety might help an individual be more observant and focused while facing challenges or frightening situations. Anxiety as a life altering condition affects even individual’s thought and feeling of certain lifestyles. It most commonly affects Americans, and also the majority of people all over the world. For instance, a life-threatening, marital transition, or job stressor could increase the anxiety level of a patient and family. However, most adults frequently encounter anxiety in response to the physiological and psychosocial changes of middle age (Potter and Perry, 2014). Feeling anxious is common for many people of all ages, and a usual reaction to stress. It does help us reconsider life goals and motivates efficiency. It’s also normal to worry about illnesses, new social influences, or any frightening situation, but when such individual undergoes utmost fear and worry that does not lessen, it may affect activity of life which most likely could lead to an illness (Sakauye, 2008).
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