Anxiety And Classroom Dynamics ( National Institute Of Mental Health

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Anxiety and Classroom Dynamics Introduction Anxiety in America is the most common mental illness, it affects more than 40 million adults. (National Institute of Mental Health). Many college students suffer from anxiety stemming from a range of classroom dynamics, from teaching styles to a student’s studying habits and lack of confidence can affect a student. Anxiety doesn’t always impact a student’s learning capacity, though it may hinder the process of grasping new concepts. Many educators find themselves adjusting their teaching styles, to maximize their students’ learning capabilities. Professors understand the stress and anxiety that can stem from the classroom, due to their teaching styles not synthesizing with their student’s…show more content…
That unpreparedness could lead to anxiety when a student goes into a classroom. Lastly, we plan to explore how a student’s lack of confidence can impact them in a classroom setting. These are my objectives for this research, with the main goal of strengthening the understanding on how anxiety can be impacted by different classroom dynamics. Expected Benefits After obtaining and analyzing the results from this proposed study, it will give us more knowledge on how anxiety can be impacted by classroom dynamics. Distinctively, this study would provide a deeper insight on how impactful classroom dynamics can relate to student’s anxiety. The results of this study can possibly offer different strategies for students to combat their anxiety in a classroom setting. The results could empower professors to diversify their teaching styles to maximized their students’ learning capabilities. In addition, students may recognized how impactful their poor studying habits or lack of confidence can hinder them in the classroom. Expectantly, this research will lead to better reciprocity between professors and students. Literature Review (Zhang, 2014) Learning English as a Second Language (ESL) in a college setting can be impacted by the professor’s skills to understand their student’s attitudes and emotional needs towards learning. ESL can be classes can be daunting because of the teacher’s style of teaching, which can
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